Video With Soul

Nike, inc.

Nike and LeBron are impacting a world bigger then sports. With a dream and a team’s creative approach, the FlyEase technology was born to unleash new opportunities where it was once impossible.

The Lincoln Electric Company

For 100 years, Boys Town has been helping young men find a path to a better life. Their Trade Life program teaches valuable skills like welding, and inspires students to become productive citizens as they transition to independence. You can help, visit www.gofundme.com/tradelife and donate today.

Liberty Auto Group, Inc.

Liberty Ford craved something that would differentiate them from the sea of sameness amongst car dealerships. We worked with them to craft a new tagline and create a consistent consumer experience through multiple TV commercials. This campaign showed how Liberty’s vehicles could take you to the destination of your dreams.


From pilot to TV show, Rising shows how it’s possible for you to overcome adverse situations. We collaborated with WKYC to tell real stories of real people. The 18 episode series shares personal moments of struggle, strength, passion, and love; all with a common goal of inspiring and strengthening communities.

Fresh Brewed Tees

Fresh Brewed Tees wanted to promote their timely themed MLB shirts in a fun and unique way. We created a campaign that sparked social interaction between MLB players and their fans. Viewed on multiple media channels, these stills and videos showcased individual player personalities and helped spread healthy competition between MLB league members.

Mace Security International

The Mace Brand desired to inform their customers by demonstrating unique product attributes. We created videos for multiple product lines promoting the Mace brand mission: empower your world through safety & security. Each piece of content serves to educate audiences on the Mace website, social media platforms & business presentations.

Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin launched its revolutionary 3-inch Fluid Transfer System that can reduce downtime, decrease operating costs, and improve performance. We worked closely with the Parker team to create a product launch video package, a tradeshow video, and a library of photography assets that showcase the people and technology that make this innovative system possible.

Nike, Inc.

When Nike launched the Kyrie 3, they needed to create a variety of video elements. Collaborating with Nike, we crafted an approach that captures the heart of what this launch means to Kyrie. We delivered a package of video assets that emotionally connect the potential buyer to the passion Kyrie brings to the game as well as his personal work ethic. One of Kyrie‘s quotes in this package summed up how we feel about this project perfectly – “It’s a beautiful thing to create. It’s a beautiful thing to grow. It’s a beautiful thing to see what hard work gets you.”