Magnificat High School enrollment video

Magnificat High School wanted to create a video that would encourage enrollment. Magnificat’s strength is in its ability to empower women to be role models for the real world.


“We value their dreams, their drive, their ideas and their potential.” – Jenifer Halliday



Nike | LeBron Soldier 10 FlyEase product release video

“It’s about us empowering every kid and everybody to understand that we are all athletes,” – LeBron James.

Nike Basketball’s  enlisted the help of Purple Films to capture the latest product launch of a new shoe for Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James. LeBron invited children from Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital Center for Rehabilitation  to the Cleveland Cavaliers practice court to debut the Nike LeBron Soldier 10 FlyEase. The FlyEase is special because it allows athletes of all abilities to be able to easily enter the shoe and perform.


WKYC Rising | Corwyn Collier

“It’s not just about me, I think that’s why I served, that is why I teach that there is more than one option to get to the next level if you want to, and you can be successful no matter what situation you came out of.” – Corwyn Collier

Corwyn Collier is a Teacher and United States Army veteran who served his country at home and abroad. With the love of his family he found the strength to keep fighting and never quit. This persistance was awarded to him as the winner of the Cleveland Cavaliers Every Fan competiton and was awarded prizes from the Cavs as well as Speedway. He’s a teacher at Maple Heights High School.



WKYC Rising | Stephanie Nunn

“I’ve taken that creativity and I had the opportunity to do other things that inspire myself, inspire other people and encourage people who may have some challenges.” Stephanie Nunn

Stephanie Nunn has used her vision to create her fashion line “The Nadira Collection”. Stephanie helps others that are going through the same problems of Blindness by hosting a fashion show in which the proceeds raised are donated to Preventing Blindness a Non Profit that specializes in helping the community to become aware of the early warning signs of blindness and how to take steps to prevent it.



WKYC Rising | Malieke Graham

“I knew what I wanted, I knew what I wanted to do, So I went for it” – Malieke Graham

Malieke Graham is a Sophomore that has a real passion for Basketball. He earned his spot on Varsity by proving to them that despite how he looks and acts that he has the passion to continue working everyday to be the very best he can be. Malieke has overcome many obstacles that many of us take for granted everyday. With his passion nothing can stand in his way of accomplishing his goals.



Nike | Kyrie III release video

“You make your choice. Either you do the things you didn’t necessarily want to do and achieve greatness you never thought you could achieve or you don’t do it at all.” – Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving talks about the release of his 3rd shoe the Kyrie 3. The love of the game is a strong motivator and its that enjoyment that keeps so many playing the game and Kyrie is no exception. “It’s a beautiful thing to see what hard work can get you” says Kyrie and we couldn’t agree more!  Remaining true to who you are is essential to becoming who you can become and reaching your higher purpose.

Check out the full release:

WKYC Rising | Allison Clarke

“You know if you have means or you have talent, you have an obligation to do something with it,” -Allison Clarke

Allison Clarke is the driving force behind Flashes of Hope, a national non profit that provides an invaluable service to children that are going through cancer treatment. Her inspiration came while her own son battled cancer. Flashes of Hope provides children and their families with pictures taken by professionals. Allison receives support from donors as well as Photographers, Makeup Artists, Stylists and others that just want to support the cause.



WKYC Rising | Dani Pajak

Dani Pajak is the owner of Disowned Customs on Cleveland’s west side and the host of Esquire Network’s new competition series Wrench Against The Machine.

Dani is growing both locally and nationally. Dani learned how to change it all when he stepped away from the thing that was wreaking havoc on his life.

“None of this would have been possible if I would have not put down the first drink and started to change my life,” says Pajak.



WKYC Rising | Demarco Sleeper

“Demarco just echoes what I wanted my artistry and my dance to do,” says the company’s founder Mary Verdi-Fletcher. “Taking hold of your life and finding the things that give you joy and going after them.”

The factory worker now turned professional dancer has advice for those facing adversity.

“Don’t just sit around and not do anything and stop living life,” says Demarco Sleeper. “I don’t want to have self-pity. People do that and the time and energy they put into doing that they could be putting it into helping themselves”



Ohio Lottery | Relive the Moment TV Commercial

The Cleveland Cavaliers dominated in the post-season of the 2015-2016 NBA Season. To commemorate the victory, the Ohio Lottery launched a television commercial campaign with Marcus Thomas encouraging Cleveland’s fans to Relive The Moment that the Cavaliers seized the victory. Purple films was brought on to produce the commercial that aired on television to advertise and drive the ticket sales.

Client: Ohio Lottery

Agency: Marcus Thomas

Video Production: Purple Films


WKYC Rising | Margo Hudson

Margo Hudson learned to rise when she saw what hardwork and dedication could do. With the help of Seeds of literacy Margo turned her life around by getting her GED, opening herself to possibilities she never knew existed. Her story has inspired many other to not be discouraged by failure but to persevere and fight through it to get what you want.




WKYC Rising | Katie Burns

Katie and Kevin Burns are two people who’s love held them together in the face of an unimaginable situation. Katie runs the nonprofit Forever My Baby You’ll be, offering help and support to grieving families and couples who have lost an Infant.




WKYC Rising | Nathan Mumford

Cleveland Heights native Nathan Mumford is in the business of restoring hope and giving light to those walking down Cancer’s dark path. His Motivation? His Past. – Danielle Wiggins




WKYC Rising | Dejuan Kelker

The congregation at Burning Bush Church is young, dynamic, and engaged in the inner-city community. The force behind it all, DeJuan Kelker. But people aren’t drawn to this pastor because of his sermons or his beautiful church. They’re actually drawn to him because of his background. – Danielle Wiggins



WKYC Rising | Ricky Smith

“Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, He’s the face of a national McDonald’s ad, and founder of the nonprofit Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere. But what many people don’t know is that the path to Ricky Smith’s destination all started when he lost everything, and learned to rise from the ashes” – Danielle Wiggins



WKYC Rising | Robert Ziol

Taking a step, going for a run, many of us take our mobility for granted. Not Rob Ziol of Medina, You see, for most of his life, Rob believed he was a man made up of broken pieces and leftover parts. But that all changed when Rob learned to connect with the word “run. – Danielle Wiggins



WKYC Rising | The Bishops

DeNica Bishop thought she had the power to create a life full of perfect moments. She married her college sweetheart Kenan.
Their first kiss…minutes after saying I-do. They settled in Akron and had a beautiful and healthy baby girl.

A few years later…

They brought home Morgan Riley Bishop another gorgeous daughter, but Morgan was different. She would be the one to teach her parents how to face trials and rise. – Danielle Wiggins



Jason Kipnis for President Campaign Video

“You can’t miss with Kip, Kipnis for President”

“Always Hustles, Great Attitude and always gives 100%”

Jason Kipnis is hoping to get the support of his fans in this years Fresh Brewed MLBPA Elections. Kipnis says that he’d make every night Dollar Dog Night as well as getting cheerleaders for the team. Jason‘s fans believe he is a great candidate because he always hustles, has a great attitude and always gives 100%.

Jason Kipnis for President

“Every night would be Dollar Dog Night”

Jason Kipnis for President

Show your support by VOTING FOR JASON KIPNIS over at Fresh Brewed Tees

#KipnisForPres #VoteKip #Kipnis2016

Shuicide Holla / Hit Dem Folks (Music Video)

It was in 2010 that Purple Films got its first taste in business. Our customer base was small and our niche was extremely focused. We quickly put together a solid body of work, all of it rap videos. Recently, a Cleveland artist’s song has gone viral. Feels good to take it back to where it all started for this new video:


Gregor Blanco for President Campaign Video


San Francisco, Vote for me! – Gregor Blanco

The MLB PA has a new presidential candidate, San Frans’ Gregor Blanco. Watch his campaign video and vote Blanco at Fresh Brewed Tees.

San Franciso Giants Gregor Blanco for President Fresh Brewed Tees Purple Films

Parker Hannifin – OTC Video

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control, needed a simple yet effective way to share their value added solutions to their prospects at 2016’s Offshore Technology Conference.

Jason McGuire, business unit manager, explains how a global technical expertise makes Parker Hannifin a valuable partner in the oil and gas industry.

Parker Hannifin Coupling Video


Tim Marquis, project manager, discusses how Parker’s coupling technology ensures secure, repeatable connections, even in challenging subsea oil and gas applications.

Parker Hannifin On Site Video


Scott Kane, program manager, describes how Parker’s Onsite Services team helps oil and gas partners to maintain their fleet and minimize downtime.

Francisco Cervelli for President Campaign Video


Francisco Cervelli President Campaign Video


Pittsburgh Pirates‘ catcher, Francisco Cervelli has always been a man of the people. The Italian Venezuelan has quickly become a fan favorite in the Steel City. A fierce competitor and beloved personality, Cervelli has decided it’s time to take the next step. In April of 2016, Cervelli announced his candidacy for president.

 Pittsburgh Pirates baseball FRANCISCO CERVELLI FOR PRESIDENT Fresh Brewed Tees Purple Films

“It’s going to be huuuuge,” said Cervelli. When asked about why fans should vote for him over teammate and all-star Andrew McCutcheon, Cervelli playfully responded, “It’s time for a new face. He gets all the attention.”

Cervelli is a team leader and one of the best catchers in the MLB. He hopes to lead the team to another World Series and bring the great city of Pittsburgh a championship.

Francisco Cervelli For President T-Shirt

Hotcards Glitter wraps

Magical Glitter Wraps by Hotcards

Hotcards uses Ohio Video Production for advertising

This is the story of Hotcards Magical Glitter Wraps.

Once upon a time there was a company named Hotcards. Their marketing was good but needed that extra degree to start boiling. That extra degree came on one fateful morning when a little girl, a container of glitter and a  gust of wind changed Hotcards vehicle wraps forever!

Hotcards Glitter Wraps 2

The shiny sprinter attracted and distracted many, causing accidents and spilling coffee every mile of the way.

Corporate business around Cleveland Ohio using Purple Films for web video production
Hotcards corporate brand video

Weapons of Mass Creation Video

“Creativity is the free will to just do something different and to do whatever you want to do to express yourself” – Glen Infante

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest was the perfect opportunity to capture the knowledge and energy of creative entrepreneurs. Inspirational motivation is provided by Johnny Cupcakes, Blueprint, Nate Utesch, Jeff Finley, Mike Kubinski, Glen Infante, and more.

“What are you going to do so differently that people remember you?” – Johnny Cupcakes

Weapons of Mass Creation Fest is Cleveland’s creativity festival for the artists designers and makers! WMC was packed with Music, Workshops, Discussions, Keynotes and Tons of inspiration.

A look inside WMC Fest. from Purple-Films on Vimeo.

Hotcards – Back To Business

When summer break ends, these kids don’t just get back to school – they get back to business! This is what happens when you’re children discover Hotcards… they succeed.


There’s a beautiful symbiosis to LeBron James’s relationship with his hometown, Akron, Ohio. His strong work ethic is drawn from the city’s industrious origins; James’s success has inspired his community.

On September 27, 2015, James officially launched his new shoe, the LEBRON 13, before 2,000-plus Akron locals. It was a special moment for James, as he also celebrated his pledge to support the future leaders of the city and the message that all within it are “built for greatness.”

Acclaimed playwright and poet Lemon Andersen delivered a special poem to James and Akron during the event. A timely sequel to his 2013 “Rubber City Soul” poem, Andersen’s new composition, “The Akronite,” illuminates the special relationship between James and Akron.

See official story on

Parker Hannifin Corporation | Video

Parker 3-Inch Positive Displacement Lobe Pump

New video highlighting Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies. Parker and Dixon Pumps have developed a new high-performance 3-inch (76 mm) positive displacement lobe pump. Available in 20 and 30 hp configurations, the pumps can transfer up to 230 and 330 gpm (870 and 1,249 lpm), respectively, at 140 psi (965 kPa).
Parker Hannifin Corporation Video






With an efficient and compact design, the pump is 40% lighter and shorter than any comparable model available. The pump is capable of continuous operation at full capacity without any liquid inflow, eliminating the risk of premature failure due to dry-running. A precision thermal protection circuit monitors both the pump and motor to prevent overheating, which can damage internal components.

Andrea Vecchio | Live Your Playlist

What is YOUR song?

Why do you listen to the same lyrics over and over again? For motivation? Nostalgia? Heart break? Through story-telling and some adult language, Live Your Playlist: How To Get Your S*** Together One Song at a Time will tell you how to become empowered through the music that you love! Live Your Playlist is not a typical self-help book. You’ll read advice on how to live your walk out song (after a bad breakup); how to fine tune your people picker (after a betrayal); how to be the lead actor in your life (when you doubt yourself); why to ignore “what ifs” (when you’re redefining what you want to be when you grow up);the reasons to forgive (when you never hear the words “I’m sorry”) and more! This book is honest and raw. Funny and heart-breaking. Strong and vulnerable. Live Your Playlist takes you on the writer’s journey of job loss, betrayals, health scares and life-changing moments (including memorable exchanges with Hollywood A-listers). But behind every story, there is truth on how to become stronger, wiser and healthier while you’re trying to get your shit together one song at a time.

“Live Your Playlist takes you on the writer’s journey”

To see Andrea’s current adventures head over to her Blog.

Head over to our blog for a peak of what we’ve been working on recently.

WMC Fest 6 | The Host’s Journey

How did our host, Aaron Sechrist, end up gaining the will to inspire an entire nation of Weapons of Mass Creation just like you? Watch and find out.

The sixth annual Weapons of Mass Creation Fest goes down in just a couple weeks at the Allen Theatre. If it’s related to design and stuff (that’s industry jargon, by the way), it’s showcased here, with talks and artists and panels and workshops and the list goes on and on and on, and so does our love for one of the best fests in Cleveland. The site is here, with a full lineup and schedule. Below, a pump-up video of sorts from friend of the program Aaron Sechrist. It’s 187 percent fun.
Cleveland Scene

Thank you to our sponsors Go Media, Purple Films, OkPants, Cinecraft Productions, Lean Dog, Tremont Athletic Club, the Zach Bruell Restaurant Group, Playhouse Square.

Mace Brand Nite Beams Video

Introducing Mace® Brand Nite Beams – Available at

How do you keep a bicycle rider and support crew safe while racing across the country, often along dark highways with poor visibility?

That was exactly the problem facing participants in the Race Across America (RAAM), a 3,000-mile cross-country race starting in Oceanside, Calif. and finishing in Annapolis, Md. Riders are accompanied by their support crews consisting of drivers, mechanics, medical specialists and others, who all need to be ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice, around the clock.

At night, along busy highways, safety is a constant concern. That’s why the crew of racer Brian Toone wore Mace® Brand Nite Beams LED accessories.

“If I need something, they had to hop out of the car on the spot,” Toone says. “When you’re in and out of a car on the side of the road like that, visibility is extremely important.”

Toone’s crew maintained visibility by wearing Nite Beams arm bands, leg bands and ball caps, each outfitted with a bright, highly visible LED beam, alerting teammates — and even more important, passing drivers — of their locations.

“I rode for at least part of the night, every night of the race, so they were all out there with me at whatever hour of the day I was riding,” Toone says. “They’re my supporters and my motivators. I need them out there with me, and I need them to be safe.”

Equipped with Nite Beams accessories, Toone’s crew helped him finish seventh in his first Race Across America, with a time of 10 days, 14 hours and 20 minutes.

“All of us on the team were rookies as far as the RAAM goes,” Toone says. “I think our Mace equipment helped give us some peace of mind knowing that we were being as safe as we could out there. Our equipment helped us get to the finish line, and get there in one piece.”

Learn more here:®-Brand-Nite-Beams-LED-Products-Bicycle#.VbEIvJWRiMl

Hotcards “Become Known” Brand Video

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” – Steve Jobs

Video Production | Cleveland Ohio

“Take Risks. Give Credit. Stand Out.” from Purple-Films on Vimeo.

We are Purple Films. A video production company focused on telling the personal and engaging stories of our clients and their culture. We started nearly ten years ago after Jim and Dan decided to turn in a video instead of a high school essay on Beauwulf! The journey continued as we butchered short films thinking we were allstars in college, a blessing that landed us in front of a crowd of hungry hip hop artists. We managed to win a few local awards for our music videos, but more importantly were the connections made and the doors that opened. Our connections have continued to evolve as we strengthen our focus on visual storytelling.


Check out some of the amazing brands and people we got to work with so far: | | | | | | | | |

Majestic Steel | Corporate Brand Video

This Corporate Brand Video helps Cleveland business share its story: Steel helps build every one of your dreams.

You encounter steel in nearly every aspect of your day, but do you even realize it? In this video, we explore the magic of steel in our every day lives. 


Vitamix | Video Advertising

Family owned Cleveland business, Vitamix,  hired production company Purple Films to create new video advertising for their Commercial Product line.


Vitamix | Vita Prep 3

Professional chefs around the world trust the Vita-Prep 3 for its exceptional power, versatility and performance. From chopping delicate ingredients to blending tough purées, the Vita-Prep 3 prepares every dish to perfection.

Corsa Performance Exhaust

Over the last few months HS Tuning has been working closely with Corsa Performance to develop and refine an all-new performance catback exhaust system for the Mk7 GTI. The goal was to bring a very high quality product with the most advanced sound tuning technology Corsa has developed, with their 3rd Generation of RSC, to create a great sounding exhaust system without any drone.

TechPint | brand video

TechPint is a popup tech conference that’s held in various drinking establishments across Northeast Ohio several times a year. It regularly draws a crowd of nearly 400 founders and investors from across the region for an evening of connections, inspiration and pints.

Purpose Capital Cleveland

Purpose Capital connects Greater Clevelanders to resources that help them fully engage their stakeholders in light of the emerging Purpose Economy, allowing all to thrive personally while helping their organizations and communities flourish. The Purpose Economy is a real emerging economy that is driven and organized around the creation of purpose for people, not just information, good and services.

In short, Purpose Capital is helping Clevelanders surf the Purpose Economy wave, and surf it well!

Join the conversation. Work with purpose. Build your city.

Music by Alex Hitchens

Hotcards and The City on Fire

A new movie about Cleveland and the renaissance that is happening. Led by Ted Batchelor, 21 adventurers set a new world record right here in the Flats.

“Cleveland is going through a renaissance in 2014. The City is on fire, literally! Watch as a group from Northeast Ohio endures trials and tribulations to unite & ignite by claiming one of the most controversial Guinness World Records: The Most Number of People Performing Full Body Burns.” – Hotcards

Fifth Annual Chagrin Documentary Film Festival Has Plenty to Offer

Now in its fifth year, this year’s film festival, which takes place from Oct. 8 to 12, has plenty to offer. It will feature some 25 documentaries that will be world, Midwest or Ohio premieres. The list of world premieres includes The Forgotten Soldier (Hungary), North into the Mist (Norway, Israel), Of Land and Water (USA, Mongolia) and Hotcards and the City on Fire (USA)… –

Rustbelt Reclamation | Brand Video

The story of Rustbelt Reclamation echoes that of the region for which it is named. Stretching from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Duluth, Minnesota, the “Rustbelt” – previously known as the “Steel-Belt” – was once the cradle of America’s industrial might. Close in proximity to important waterways and rich with natural resources such as iron ore and coal, this vast region of America’s mid-west progenerated unprecedented innovation and growth which in turn, propelled our nation’s ascension to a position of global economic leadership. Through the middle course of the 19th century and well into the 20th, the “Steel-Belt” thrived, offering tremendous opportunity for the multitudes of people who emigrated to the area. Said prosperity gave rise to bustling urban centers across the region; great cities such as Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Cleveland emerged and grew into rich cultural centers.

As the 20th century progressed globalization and foreign competition eroded the region’s manufacturing base. The solubility of heavy industrial companies, once the backbone of the “Steel-Belt”, steadily dissolved away. Jobs became scarce and as such, large portions of the population were forced to move out of the region. Many urban centers lost well-over 50% of their residents. This shift left a superabundance of structures – industrial, residential and agricultural –empty and uncared for. As time slipped by, many of these architectural relics served as little more than evidence of a bygone era. The once proud “Steel-Belt” became the “Rust-Belt”.

In recent years, cities across the “Rustbelt” have experienced a renaissance of sorts. Focusing on new industries and capturing new markets, great strides have been made in returning the region to its former glory. Unfortunately, the remnant structures from yesteryear often times stand in the path of the “right-sizing” of these great cities. While removal and disposal of these structures can be an extensive and expensive endeavor, governmental, private, and non-profit entities are spearheading the cause. As a partner with all, Rustbelt Reclamation creates value by harvesting and repurposing lumber from these structures prior to their demolition thereby reducing both the cost of disposal and, perhaps more importantly, the amount of refuse bound for local landfills.

What is more, the old adage, “They don’t build ‘em like they used to” is absolutely true. Simply stated, the lumber stock Rustbelt Reclamation harvests from these structures is both old growth and has cured for over 100 years. Meaning the wood tends to be denser with spectacular figuring and is more stable when compared to virgin lumber of the same species. These qualities allow us to make a product that is both beautiful and long lasting.

Our vision is as ambitious as it is unique. Rustbelt Reclamation combines the ethos and attention to detail found in small artisan workshops with a scalable manufacturing model. We endeavor to create the highest quality product at the most competitive price possible. Additionally, we believe our product should be as sustainable as humanly possible; that’s why all offerings from Rustbelt Reclamation are crafted entirely within the United States utilizing locally salvaged materials. Equally important, we believe products should be built to last, not to be thrown away. We pride ourselves on building heirloom-quality products that are designed and built to endure for generations, just as the materials we use have endured for generations.

In order for the Rustbelt to experience a true revival, it must first reinvent itself. In so doing, we choose to accept the sardonic label of “Rustbelt” and wear it as a badge of honor, as we quite literally draw on our past to build anew. Utilizing our uniquely available material, superior craftsmanship and innovative design, Rustbelt Reclamation endeavors to capitalize on the past success of the region to fuel its resurgence. Our products and their story, like our region, are all about reinvention.

THE STORY OF RUSTBELT RECLAMATION from Rustbelt Reclamation on Vimeo.

Nike Basketball | Inside Access: Kyrie Irving

A natural born leader, Kyrie Irving exemplifies the next generation of playmakers with his hungry and humble approach.

Born in 1992 in Melbourne, Australia, Irving was an inquisitive and active young boy with nonchalant charm. His parents Drederick and Elizabeth, both accomplished athletes, would set the bar high for Kyrie and his older sister Asia.

Learn more about Kyrie Irving and Nike Basketball:

Hotcards | Commercial

Hotcards has a passion for creativity, and the right atmosphere to fuel it.
Here is a video of how we see them.
It is kind of like the twilight zone… Set in Cleveland, with a delivery girl on fire.

HotCards | Want S’more from Purple-Films on Vimeo.
TV Commercial created for

Cleveland On the Map Series 2 Video Trailer

Go Media Video series shines spotlight on innovative entrepreneurs and organizations.

Find out why Cleveland is ‘On the Map’ – from food to furniture, our city resonates with creative thinking and furious pride! Join us Friday November 9th for our second annual On the Map video series screening and party – celebrate our city and the people that are working tirelessly to make it rock.

Go Media proudly calls Cleveland home. Like so many lifelong residents and transplants alike, we revel in the cultural, architectural, and natural amenities our great city has to offer. We see potential in what some would call blight and we recognize opportunity for change and a prime climate for sustainable growth in our local economy.

And we aren’t alone! On the Map spotlights just a handful of other businesses and organizations that are following their passions and making Cleveland a better place to live, work, and visit.

We invite you to our celebrate with us at our warehouse offices in Ohio City on Friday, November 9th. Join us to eat, drink, watch the video release, meet fellow Clevelanders, and even put your business or organization on the map!

On the Map Series 2 Trailer from Go Media on Vimeo.

iLTHY Fall’14 | Lookbook

We stopped at the new iLTHY workshop in Lakewood to see what kind of wizardry Glen and the crew were up to.. We saw some wild $h1†

Stop Motion video shot and edit by Purple Films (@purplefilms)
Modeled by Annarica DePearl (@slimchookie)
Music by The Kickdrums (@TheKickDrums)
iLTHY Fall 2014 will be released soon date TBA
New Store Location in Lakewood Ohio coming soon

Peep the ilthy

Documentary | Cruise in 2014 with Classic VW

“The guys at Purple-Films sent over the final cut of the Cruise-in video. Check it out on our Youtube page

We’d like to give a big shout out to everyone that made it out to the Cruise-in this year. This event has really become something special in the last 3 years and we can’t thank everyone enough for being a part of it.

We had an amazing blend of cars this year, new and old, and our highest car count to date. We’d like to thank all of our showroom participants Lori Smith, Jonathan Brown, Deon Jamaine Oliver, Ronald Bayko, and Scotty B for letting us use their cars to showcase this year’s theme. We’d also like to give a shout out to all of our sponsors: North Coast Powder Coating, VIP Autoworks OHIO, Daves Cosmic Subs Mentor, Solar Solutions, Purple-Films, WGAR-FM, and Volkswagen Group of America for the prizes, support and giveaways that make this event not only possible but so much fun!

Last but not least we would like to thank all of our employees who took time out of their busy lives to come in on their day off and help with this event. Thanks again everyone; hope to see you next year!!!”

Classic VW

Documentary | Adobe “Inkwars”

Last month Adobe headed to WMCFest in Cleveland, Ohio to host Ink Wars, an analog drawing display of art on-the-fly with action set to the sounds of a DJ.

That’s right: No computers. No keyboards. And no 30-inch monitors.

Instead, each of the eight contestants was given one hour, black ink, a blank canvas and a (surprise) theme. When they were done, three judges selected a winner.

This two-minute video was excerpted from the hour-long event where each of the artists began with a different approach but ultimately proved that art and creativity and insight and inspiration don’t always happen sitting down.

Video by Purple Films
Music by Nate Fox @alldayrecess

Commercial | Liberty Ford | Dj EV

A car commercial is something usually of little interest, but not this one. E-V makes a great cameo in the latest Liberty Ford commercial, which also features a snippet of his unreleased single, “Good Time” featuring Lorine Chia and MGK. Episode two in the four part adventure series rebrand we did for Liberty Ford. Be on the look out for the commercial on TV, as well as for “Good Time” which hopefully will be dropping soon! Shot on location at the Cleveland House of Blues and on Euclid Ave.

Music Video | Ray Jr | Cristal and Rolexes

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams for Ray Jr.? Nah, that’s reality. Take a peek into his lavish lifestyle in this new clip for “Cristal & Rolexes.” Expensive taste is a way of life for Young Percy Miller.
– Fake Shore Drive

East Cleveland’s own Ray Jr has just shared a video for his track “Cristal and Rolexes.” Watch the lavish clip above.

Beginning by calling himself “Young Percy Miller,” Ray Jr goes on to call himself “the real P Diddy” and tell us that all he drinks is Cristal and the only watches he rocks are Rollies.

The video has him and a fly female sipping fine liquor and dancing around in an otherwise deserted room.

If you haven’t already, be sure to cop Ray Jr’s great Elected 2 mixtape, which dropped late last year. You can follow Ray Jr on Twitter @rayjr216.
Hot New Hip Hop

The Homie Of Mines @RayJr216 Recently Linked Up With Purple Films To Shoot A Video For His New Joint “Cristal And Rolexes”.

Ray Always Drops Some Joints For The Streets, Clubs, And Women. This Track Is Definitely For The Clubs, Looking Forward To Hearing It Out In CLE.

Video created by Purple Films. Shot on location in Cleveland, Ohio.